The Handlebar

Open Air Kiosk

With a small footprint, the Handlebar works great for large venues and smaller ones alike. The open-air concept encourages your guests to take part in the fun and the user-friendly touchscreen interface allows your guests to print and share their photos. The marquee and decorative draping are lit up with your choice of color and you get to choose the background of your choice.

High-Quality Photos

No webcams here! Our Handlebar Kiosk utilizes the latest technology Nikon DSLR cameras for superior image quality. Once the photos are taken, our high-speed printer will automatically print and cut two copies of the photo strip on glossy paper in just a few seconds.

Flexible Posing

Our Kiosk is height-adjustable to best fit your needs. A bench can be provided for seated photos or the entire kiosk can be elevated to eye-level for standing photos.

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