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Add AI Processing to your booth!

Endless Possibilities

From simple background replacement to truly mind-bending image manipulation, we can do it all!  

Our team will work to bring your concept to reality with our generative AI process!

T12 Angle.webp

Generative AI

Generative AI can turn normal photos into fine art!  Our AI artists can mimic a style, turn your guests into cartoon characters, and pretty much anything else that you can dream up!  The possibilities are nearly endless!


Background Replacement

No need for a green screen; we can remove the background from nearly any image and replace with content of your choosing!


So Many Photo Strips!

Your guests will receive their photos immediately after they are taken!


Our printers crank out photo strips in mere seconds so everyone can walk away with a copy to take home.  We customize the strip design to fit the theme of your event.

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